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Specifically designed to protect any vehicle's interior from spills, dirt, moisture and anything else that causes stains and bad odors, EarthEdge's Auto-Absorba Shield is conveniently large-sized (39 x 59) and can be reused or disposed of after use. If you place an Auto-Absorba Shield moisture shield down, you'll be able to simply shake it out, fold it and reuse whenever necessary. Protecting your interior from leaking plants, gas cans, dirty tools, and dripping paint cans has never been easier with our Auto-Absorba Shield. Available in 10 unit countertop displays.

Features & Benefits
  • Up to 80% recycled textile fiber
  • LPDE film coating film barrier
  • Non-woven layer laminated to Non-slip PE foil backing layer
  • Indoor and Outdoor uses
  • Reusable and all purpose
  • 10 units per countertop display
  • Manufactured in USA with foreign and domestic products

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