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Considered Earth Edge's "flagship" product, our 1" & 2" thick, NBR kneeling pads are bigger in size offering you ultimate comfort! Applicable for retail in all departments such as Lawn & Garden, Hardware, Paint, Electrical, Plumbing, Housewares, etc. Use on any hard surface while kneeling or sitting. Point of purchase displays can be displayed throughout a store and as "impulse purchase" checkout items for maximum exposure to solve every consumer's comfort needs! Features & Benefits

  • 15" x 20" in size (available in 1" or 2" thickness)
  • Cut-out carry handle
  • Available in 30 unit displays (1") or 15 unit displays (2")
  • Made of NBR rubber (contains up to 20% internally recycled material)
  • Negligible volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Washable, resists industrial chemicals, grease and oil
  • Impulse buy at checkout
  • Acts Similar to Memory Foam
  • Closed Cell Foam / Water Resistant
  • Floats in Water (Not a Flotation Device)
  • Made in the USA
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