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Earth Edge has partnered with Mossy Oak® to license the Mossy Oak® Break Up County Camo and the Mossy Oak® Aqua Elements patterns for hunting and fishing.  We make these items in our 1" and 2" thick pads.  The BIGGER size = More comfort is the perfect fit for any outdoors person! With being a closed-cell foam, the pads are water resistant keeping you dry while kneeling or sitting in a boat, tree stand, blinds, or any other hard surface!  Kneeling pads can be displayed throughout a store and as "impulse purchase" checkout items for maximum exposure to potential customers.

Since our kneeling pads float (not a flotation device), they can be used as seat cushions in all types of watercraft. These foam NBR kneeling pads are also great for long hunting expeditions as they are light weight and easy to pack around!
Official Licensed Product of Haas Outdoors, Inc. West Point, MS distributed by Earth Edge, LLC. Features & Benefits
  • 15" x 20" in size (available in 1" or 2" thickness)
  • Available in Mossy Oak® Breakup Country Camo or Mossy Oak® Elements Aqua
  • Cut-out carry handle
  • Available in 30-unit displays (1") or 15-unit displays (2")
  • Made of NBR rubber (contains up to 20% internally recycled material)
  • Negligible volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Washable, resists industrial chemicals, grease and oil
  • Impulse buy at checkout
  • Floats in Water (Not a Flotation Device)
  • Made in the USA

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