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Lying on hard surfaces to work under cars, lawn mowers, boats, plumbing under the sink and other "tight" places is not only uncomfortable but can irritate muscles and joints, causing soreness for days. With the Earth Edge Body Pad, you can work anywhere you need to remain on your back for as long as necessary without feeling stiff and sore during and after your project is completed. The Body Pad is 18" x 40" giving you more room to work with ultimate comfort. Since The Body Pad is water-resistant, you will stay dry on the jobs where water is present. The Body Pad is washable, resistant to industrial chemicals and contains Negligible VOCs. Made in the USA.

The Body Pad offers the same benefits as our Comfort Pads except the Body Pad has two handles for easier transportation. The Body Pad is washable, resistant to chemical staining and contains Negligible VOCs. Made in the USA.

  Features & Benefits

  • 3/4" Thick for Ultimate Comfort
  • 18" X 40"
  • Comes in a 10 Pack Merchandiser
  • 2 handles for Easy Transportation / Light Weight
  • Made of NBR rubber (contains up to 20% internally recycled material)
  • Washable, resists industrial chemicals, grease and oil
  • Negligible volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Acts Similar to Memory Foam
  • Closed Cell Foam / Water Resistant
  • Floats in Water (Not a Flotation Device)
  • Made in USA
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