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Did you know as much as 93 percent of heat is lost through the floor of a tent through a process called radiant energy? Instead of shivering in your tent on a camping trip, take our Thermoboost Camper's Foam product along with you and stay warm and cozy on cool nights. Fused aluminum film incorporated in our Thermoboost Camper's Foam stops radiant heat rays from penetrating into the ground. Instead, this unique type of aluminum reflects heat back into your tent to powerfully warm the surface of your bed. In fact, your body actually absorbs nearly 99 percent of this heat to make any camping trip fun, cozy and comfortable.

Features & Benefits
  • Zero VOCs means low odor and healthy for family, children, pets
  • Larger size and light weight - 76” X 24” X 3/8” – 13.6 OZ
  • Made with recycled content
  • Aluminum film reflects up to 93% radiant energy for increased warmth.
  • Aluminum laminated to poly substrate
  • Black clip strap
  • Washable
  • Manufactured in North America

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