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A heavy-duty replacement tool box liner (18" x 80", 16" x 80" or 12" x 80") composed of 100% recyclable EPDM rubber, our Tool Box Liner is designed to protect the most high-traffic tool box drawers. Combining exceptional non-slip properties and extremely high temperature stability, Earth Edge's Tool Box Liner is another great "impulse buy" product selling well in hardware and auto stores as well as a retail store's hardware department.

Features & Benefits
  • 1.6 mm thick / Low Profile
  • 18 x 80, 16 x 80 or 12 x 80 inches
  • 100% recycled material
  • EPDM rubber (not made from tires)
  • Low Smell and phthalate free
  • Very High slip resistance
  • Very High Temperature Stability
  • Not fire rated but resistance much higher than tires
  • Negligible volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • UV Protected
  • Antimicrobial
  • Made IN USA

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